Create Simulation Models
Improve Stiffness
Ensure Durability
Reduce Vibrations
Optimize Acoustics

"The promise resulting from
Open Source is lower Cost,
better Quality, higher Reliability,
more Flexibility, and an end to
predatory Vendor Lock-in!"

Based on the free distribution & joint development of highly advanced simulation software, the evolution Open Source Simulation Project ('eOSSP') leads to a radical change in product development, across all industries...

...the eOSSP builds upon the Finite-Element Software evolution-fea ('e-fea') which was born out of the AK32 Task Force 'Engine Simulation' of the German car makers Audi, BMW, Daimler, Porsche & VW. And, it comes with breakthrough AI Solutions & neural Network Functionalities!

eOSSP ... a Venture of payerconsulting GmbH

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