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Core Team
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Developing better products faster & at reduced costs...

… given economic, ecological & technological challenges force companies to take convenient measures to achieve both a higher productivity and a better quality of their products.

With this respect the evolution Open Source Simulation Project ("eOSSP") has been designed to initiate a radical change towards simulation based product development, and to be a key driver for developing better products faster and at reduced costs, across all industries.

The project builds on the highly advanced Simulation Software evolution-fea® – which was born out of the AK32 Task Force 'Engine Simulation' of the German car makers Audi, BMW, Daimler, Porsche & VW recently – and on an Open Source Business Model.

Open sourcing the evolution-fea® Code means that you are given the complete source code. And, the code does not have a use-by-date or sunset clause. You can use it now and forever, and you have the entire open source community provide ongoing development and support.
evolution OSSP GmbH

Erich-Payer.jpg  Erich Payer, Founder & CEO

Implementation of the Open Source Business Model and management of the Open Source Community are the main objectives of the evolution OSSP GmbH, a firm that has been founded and is being managed by Erich Payer.

Erich has a long experience in development & application of simulation techniques. He served as a Senior Manager at MSC Software Corp. (USA) – developer and distributor of the FEM Software MSC/Nastran – where he was responsible for the Business Unit ,Advanced Automotive Solutions', and has successfully established his engineering firm payerconsulting as a strategic R&D partner for numerous companies from different industrial areas. Don't hesitate to visit http://www.payerconsulting.com for a glimpse at related success stories.

Mr. Payer's worldwide network comprises companies, research institutes, universities and engineering societies, and contributes directly to the rapid market introduction and successful launch of the evolution OSSP portfolio.

evolution OSSP GmbH
Graz/Austria - Munich/Germany - San Francisco/USA

e-Mail: office (at) evolution-fea.com

Web: http://www.evolution-fea.com

Commercial Register of the local Court Graz/Austria:
FN 400882h
Sales Tax Identification Number (VAT ID): ATU68291626
Member of the Austrian Federal Economic Chamber