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FE Parametrization

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Being built upon the evolution-fea® Open Source FE kernel, the eOSSP Parametrization Solutions enable fully automatic generations of high quality FE hexa and/or shell element meshes, considering all essential geometry parameters and possible design variations of your specific parts/assemblies.

Thus, e-fea parametrization add-ons enable rapid & highly sophisticated FE analyses and structural optimizations in early design stages. AND, NO CAD MODELS ARE REQUIRED!
Chemical Fluid Container Parametrization - Stiffness Analysis & Optimization
considered parameters: length/width, wall thicknesses, number of ribs, filling height et al
eOSSP-Success-Story_KOERNER-Fluid-Container_Stiffness.png Deformation
Ski Parametrization - Analysis/Optimization of Stiffness & Vibrations
parameters: ski length, side cut, layers, core shape, boundary conditions et al
eOSSP-Success-Story_FISCHER-Alpine-Ski_Vibrations.png Torsional Mode
Crankshaft Parametrization - non-linear Dynamics & transient Stresses
parameters: stroke, cylinder distance, pin diameters, web geometry, fillet radii et al
eOSSP-Success-Story_BMW-I4-Crankshaft_nonlinear-Dynamics.png transient Stresses (momentary View)